Reward points

This initiative is for creating a visible demand for better facilities for cycling - facilities where we stay, work and cycle.  Our homes, offices/ colleges, our roads.  So it is important to reach out to as many cyclists as we can.

In order to facilitate that, "2015 ON CYCLES" now has a reward points scheme for participants!

Refer your friends : 10 points each, max 50 points
You can of course refer more friends!
For each of them joining : 100 points
Please use the "Refer a friend" form for referring your friends.

Send your photo with your cycle for our website : 50 points
Please mail it to
with subject as "My photo for website"

Suggest up to 3 cycle shops to include in the initiative : 50 points
Please mail their names to
with subject as "Cycle shops"

The top 5 people with maximum number of points when we have 1,500 participants will get attractive prizes!