A lot of people cycle even today.  For various purposes, but by choice!

Every time they use a cycle instead of a 2-wheeler or a car, they reduce pollution and they make our streets safer.

Let us recognize them, support them, network them.  Let us even join them, and use a cycle as much as we can!

2015 such people in 2015.  "2015 ON CYCLES."

Who can participate?

Support your employees who use a cycle!
  • Become Platinum/ Gold/ Silver sponsors
  • Provide good cycle parking
  • Recognize employees who cycle to work

Support your students who use a cycle!
  • Provide good cycle parking
  • Recognize students who cycle to college

Cycling is second only to flying!  Enjoy!
  • Cycle whenever and wherever you can!
  • ... to the bank
  • ... to buy vegetables
  • ... to work - even once a week, but more if you can!

Go ahead and register for "2015 ON CYCLES"!


    Why should my company/ college support "2015 ON CYCLES"?

    • Your employees or students who cycle frequently will feel great if you recognize them and their efforts!

    All individual participants will get:

    • A T-shirt of "2015 ON CYCLES" and a sticker for their bicycle (*)
    • Discount coupons for bicycles and accessories
    (*) Subject to sponsorship for supporting the expenses

    All participants will be expected to participate in at least one cycle rally of the campaign.